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“If Variations was programmed first to lull us into a false sense of security before Anna Clyne’s more obvious curtain-raiser, Rewind, it certainly worked. Inspired, as its title suggests, by the image of analogue video tape rapidly scrolling backwards, I was hugely taken with this orchestral firework. The London-born Clyne, currently Mead Composer in Residence with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, infuses the work with the tropes of modern dance, specifically the choreography of Kitty McNamee (artistic director of the Los Angeles-based Hysterica Dance Company). The work’s breathless, edge-of-the-seat quality and its final conceit – a literal rewind of the music itself, pre-recorded and triggered by a laptop – suggests a composer with a singular imagination. Clyne has posted the work on the Soundcloud website, so  you can listen and judge for yourself.” – Peter Quinn, Arts Desk

teeming, difficult and innovative” - New York Times

“Anna Clyne’s festival debut, a dance score called ‘rewind’, bubbled over with kinetic energy” – Alan Ulrich, Financial Times USA

“The program opened with a composer we’ll be hearing more of, British-born New Yorker Anna Clyne, who at the age of 30 will be taking over Turnage’s former Chicago Symphony post this fall. Alsop introduced her to the Cabrillo [Festival] audience with a work titled <<rewind<<, for orchestra and tape, a work now making the rounds of a number of major orchestras. Inspired by an image of rewinding videotape, with its attendant skips and flaws, this is an inventive piece that shows an already impressive technique, a sense of orchestral color that is integrated with the works’s development, and a sold feeling for pacing.

Clyne skillfully managed the work’s gradual rise in harmonic tension, and provided a striking moment when she inserted the recorded sounds of rewinding tape, almost overwhelming the orchestra, to end the piece. This marks her as someone worth watching, and we have Alsop to thank for introducing to the West Coast what is, thus far, this composer’s signature work” – Benjamin Frandzel, San Francisco Classical Voice

No hype, just hard work and young talent…talent, imagination and skill while painting on that huge canvas of the modern symphony orchestra. The patterned rhythms and sensual orchestration of “Rewind” by Anna Clyne, a London-born Composer who now lives in New York….” - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Seven of the Nation’s Top Emerging Composers Selected for Premieres in NYC. American Composers Orchestra announces the winners of its fifteenth annual Underwood New Music Readings, one of this country’s most coveted opportunities for emerging composers. This year’s winners are Anna Clyne, Fang Man, Robert Gates, Jeff Myers, Andrea Reinkemeyer, Paul Richards, and Matthew Tommasini. Ms. Clyne has been described as “a composer with serious ambitions” willing to experiment with non-traditional ideas.” - American Composers Orchestra